About Us

Have you ever opened up your property tax bill and thought, “You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s way too much?”

Then, after the initial shock, have you really ever done anything to fight it?

Let’s face it … Most people don’t know if the amount they’re paying in property tax is fair. Zipappeal analyzes whether you are paying more than your fair share and helps you lower your tax assessments.

Data from the National Tax Payers Union shows that up to 60% of homeowners are paying more than they should in property taxes – but 5% actually go through the process of trying to reduce those taxes. Most people don’t know if they are paying more than their fair share – and think that the appeal process takes a lot of time, effort, and legal fees.

Zipappeal knows it’s your hard-earned money that we’re talking about – so we have created a unique automated approach to appealing property tax assessments. Our software-as-a-service platform helps customers appeal their tax bill online in just minutes.

Our founder and CEO, Amish Shah, is obsessive about letting homeowners know that they have the right to appeal their property taxes. But in order to take advantage of this right, people had to have a platform that was easy to understand, simple to navigate, and cost-effective.

Shah resigned from his job at a big law firm to make his passion for an online appeal process a reality. Shah and his team built Zipappeal, a technology platform designed to produce a great user experience for customers. Everything can be done online – from the initial information to providing data to filing the appeal to keeping customers posted throughout the progression.

So how does Zipappeal work?

First things first … you come to our Zipappeal.com website and enter your address, and you’re given a savings estimate based on your neighborhood data. If we think we can save you money – and if you're interested in having us help you lower that amount – you pay us a flat $99 fee. When your township opens, your appeal will be filed. It’s that simple.

What happens next?

While we can control filing an appeal, we can’t control how long the timeline process takes with your county. That said, we promise that none of the risks involved fall on you.

If Zipappeal doesn’t save you at least $200 on your property tax bill after the appeal process plays out, you’ll get your initial fee back. Guaranteed.

If you’re like most people – where money matters – this is a pretty easy way for you to retain more of your hard-earned income. Once your property tax bill is lowered, your mortgage payments decrease – and that puts even more savings in your pocket. Think about it … What would you do with that extra money? Put more food on the table? Buy more presents at the holidays? Have more rainy day discretionary dollars?

We’re passionate about what we do to help our customers. People are paying more in property taxes than they should, so our easy-to-use appeal process literally improves lives by helping our customers save the money that they’re rightfully entitled to. It’s crazy, right? But it’s true.

Zipappeal’s mission is simple: We educate you. We empower you with knowledge. We save you money. And it only takes a few minutes online to get the whole property tax appeal process started.